Are you gifted, skilled or in search of a platform to express yourself in the house of the Lord? At Lighthouse, we have several service platforms in which you can find expression.


GOD’S HERITAGE: This is the children’s arm of the church designed to raise Godly children.

JUDAH: This is the music arm of the church; a ministry committed and passionate in worshipping God in spirit and in truth.

USHERING TEAM: A ministry committed to ensuring orderliness and cleanliness of the church.

OUTREACH: A ministry committed to reaching out to souls in the lost world and bringing them to the House of the Lord. They also create a welcoming ambiance for visitors and guests.

ACT ONE: This is the drama ministry of the church. They are committed to bringing the truth in all forms of drama.

PILLARS OF GRACE: This is the ministry that sees to the affairs of women in the church. It ministers to specific needs of women and raising national rebuilder and homemakers.

COVENANT KEEPERS: This ministry sees to the affairs of men in the church; teaching men to be men indeed.

THA TRIBE: This is ministry reaches out and touches the lives of teenagers and youths at the level of their experience and in a language they can relate with.

SAMARITAN PURSE: This is the ministry that sees to the affairs of the needy.

PROTOCOL: The Protocol department is responsible for the proper care of pastors and guests of the ministry – local and international. They are trained to provide top-notch service in the handling of guests.

THE REVOLUTION: This is the teenage expression of The Lighthouse that meets the spiritual and other needs of teenagers; it is a place of character formation, empowerment, spiritual and leadership development. The Revolution seeks to activate potentials and raise teenagers who will positively impact their world with the kingdom culture and mentality.

DECORATING: The Decorating Ministry is responsible for beautifying the church; they contribute to the vision of Lighthouse by creating a conducive, welcoming, and inviting environment.

MEDIA: This department is responsible for sound, video, and lightings setup. It handles audio and video recording, sales of CDs, and photography; manages all the Church’s social media platforms and website, and administers the live audio and video streams.

PRAYER TEAM: This is the prayer ministry of the church. They are committed to praying for the church, its leadership and the community to ensure the will of God is done.